Hazmat Situation at Central Iowa Healthcare

From Central Iowa Healthcare Facebook Page

Friday, July 15 News Update on Detasselers Exposed to Herbicide: As of this time, all patients affected by the herbicide exposure earlier this evening have been discharged from the hospital. We are so grateful everyone is okay!!

Thursday, July 14 News Update: Late this afternoon, 15 agriculture workers were brought to the emergency room at Central Iowa Healthcare after they were exposed to herbicide that was being applied by a ground sprayer in an area they were working in Grundy County.

The individuals were brought to the ER because they were experiencing sore throats and had minor irritations.

The medical staff worked quickly and safely to decontaminate and address any related medical issues of the patients.

At this time, 14 of the 15 individuals have been discharged.

We appreciate the quick response and support of the Marshalltown’s Fire and Police Departments, and Emergency Management.

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