Sunday 5th February 2023

KFJB Morning show with Kyle Martin

  • Every Monday through Friday, 6am – 9am

KFJB 8:34am Weekdays

  • Monday: Open Forum w/ Brent Wiethorn
  • Tuesday: Live Healthy Marshall County With Pat Thompson
  • Wednesday: Veteran’s Voice
  • Thursday: Bonus Time With Kyle Martin
  • Friday: Man on the Street

KFJB Interview Features/Shows

  • “Ask the Newsmakers”: Monday-Friday @ 7:20am – A live interview segment where a local newsmaker shares an event, exciting news or concern.
  • “Open Forum”: Monday @ 8:35-9am – A live interview show with city, state or school officials.
  • “Central Iowa Today”: Monday-Friday @ 12:45-1pm – A live interview segment with state, city, county, business and travel officials.
  • “Man on the Street”: Friday @ 8:35-9am @ Tremont Grill – A live interview show highlighting community events and entertainment.

KFJB 6pm – 7pm (Tuesdays Only)


KFJB Weekday Programming

6AM – 9AM: The KFJB Morning Show With Kyle Martin

9AM – 12Noon: Brian Kilmeade Show

12Noon – 1PM: The KFJB Noon Update / Bill O’Reilly Update (12:30-12:45) / Central Iowa Today

1PM – 4PM: The Dan Bongino Show

4PM – 5PM: The Dave Ramsey Show

5PM – 8PM: The Joe Pags Show

8PM – 10PM: The Dave Ramsey Show

10PM – 12MID: Our American Stories

12MID – 5AM: Red Eye Radio

(Wednesdays during Football Season)

KFJB Saturday Programming

12MID – 5AM: SportsMap Radio

5AM – 6AM: Bassmaster Radio

KFJB Sunday Programming

12MID – 8:30AM: SportsMap Radio

8:30AM – 9AM: The Lutheran Hour

9AM – 9:15AM: Salvation Army – Words of Life

9:15AM – 10AM: ABC Perspective

10AM – 10:30AM: Day1

10:30AM – 11AM: Iowa Business Connection

11AM – 12NOON: Elim Lutheran Church

12NOON – 12MID: SportsMap Radio