Friday 15th January 2021

News-Talk Radio is the most popular radio format among Americans.  Businesses realize the benefits of advertising on News-Talk Radio.

Why Advertise?

Why advertise with News-Talk 1230 KFJB? Here are a few reasons!

  • News-Talk 1230 KFJB has been broadcasting for almost 100 years!  KFJB is one of the FIRST broadcasting stations in America.
  • KFJB is known and has marketing power for YOUR business.  KFJB listeners = $pending Power!
  • Super Serving Marshall County
  • Outstanding personalities Kyle Martin & Ken Huge bring listeners all the News, Information, Weather, Sports and Entertainment
  • Local Marshalltown High School Athletics.  KFJB has been broadcasting Bobcat Athletics for over 90 years!
  • Iowa Hawkeye Football & Basketball
  • NASCAR and Indycar programming
  • Outstanding support personnel
    • A creative copy department
    • Excellent production values
    • Strong & creative promotions department
    • A sales department that is committed to serving you and to your success
    • Ratings, creativity, & production mean nothing if the advertiser doesn’t get the results they need & expect. KFJB is committed to providing solutions to your marketing problems!

Let’s play “News-Talk Radio, DID YOU KNOW”…

  • News-Talk radio listeners are some of the most active and involved listeners of any format. Involved listeners will be exposed to your messaging on a consistent basis, making you top of mind when they do need the product or service you offer.
  • One reason people tune into news radio is often because they’re loyal to a specific show or personality. News-Talk listeners are loyal to on-air talent and are usually open to trying new products or services they might recommend or hear on the radio.
  • News listeners tend to have higher income and are more likely to have a household net worth of over $1 million than other formats.
  • News radio listeners rely on their favorite stations and personalities, often as their primary source of information. They trust the station and are highly engaged with the content. If their favorite personality recommends they read an article online or visit a social media profile, news listeners are open to doing so. It’s because the stations have earned listeners trust through years of reliable local, political, or sports coverage.
  • News-Talk Radio format listeners are more likely to be engaged in politics and their local community. They’ll do things like contribute to a political campaign or write/call their local or national politician to voice their opinion. Some are even members of local government bodies like the city council.
  • More than other formats, these listeners are more likely to be involved with investing in corporate or employee funds of some kind. They’re financially astute individuals who are focused on building wealth and financial assets.

By now, the benefits of advertising on News-Talk Radio should be clear to businesses of any shape or size. Their loyalty, engagement, and high-quality status make news talk listeners people that any advertiser would want to build trust and rapport with.

Nielsen: On The Road to Recovery with AM/FM Radio

With the onset of Fall, changes in working and commuting patterns-along with a return to school-are sparking growth in radio listening. Tracking the past eight months of Nielsen PPM data in the top 50 radio markets, the latest October survey (covering 9-10 through 10-7) reveals that radio’s weekly reach has recovered to within three points of March levels. This continues the upward trend which began during the re-opening period in June and July and follows several months of summertime stability.

As commuting increases, drive time recovery continues. At the beginning of the pandemic, radio use during traditional commute times initially declined, but it has grown each month since then, with significant recovery in October. Morning drive in particular increased by eleven percent from September to October, while weekends have now moved ahead of March levels.

Nielsen’s consumer lifestyle surveys found that 53% of consumers as of October are ‘ready to go.’ They feel that life is becoming more normal and are more likely to resume usual activities and shopping patterns as restrictions ease.

The ‘ready to go’ cohort has an attractive qualitative profile-they’re more likely to be ages 25-to-54, have children, earn over $100,000 annually, and work outside the home. Turns out they are heavy radio listeners, too; because they spend more time away from home they consume more radio than those who stay put.

More employed Americans are returning to work outside the home, spending increasing amounts of time in their vehicles, and getting back into the schooling routine. The pandemic significantly altered the work-life balance for millions of consumers this spring. According to Nielsen’s series of consumer lifestyle studies, fielded in April, May, June and October, behavior is beginning to shift. Specifically, time in the car is increasing, where radio is the top source of audio.

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General Sales Manager, Mark Shaffer
KFJB Account Manager, Darla Knutson
KFJB Account Manager, Jerry Logan
KFJB Account Manager, Tara Ethington