Telephone and Credit Card Fraud Alert!

From Marshalltown Chief of Police, Michael Tupper
From the City of Marshalltown – Local Government Facebook Page

A concerned citizen reported a credit card scheme to me last night. The scheme involved someone pretending to be employed with the Walgreen’s Pharmacy. However this particular scheme could work with any pharmacy or related business.

Here is how it works…

You receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be with your pharmacy. The caller tells you your order, or your prescription, is ready for pick-up. The caller then tells you they need your bank or credit card information so they can finalize your order or purchase. DO NOT fall for this! This is an attempt to steal from you. Legitimate businesses and pharmacies do not operate this way. Legitimate organizations and companies will not call you and ask for this type of information.

Never give out your credit card information, banking information or other personal identification information over the telephone unless you are 100% sure you know who you are talking too. If they called you, you can’t be 100% certain of who they are.

If you have questions please call me at 641.754.5771. Be safe Marshalltown!

Chief Tupper