The Big Iowa/Iowa State Game Draws Near

Iowa’s most anticipated and talked about game is just about here! The Iowa Hawkeyes are hosting the game Saturday, September 10 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. The game will air on both 1230 KFJB and KIX 101.1 with an air time of 4:30 p.m. and a kick-off time that is officially 6:42 p.m. The forecast for kick-off time, according to the National Weather Forecast, is 66 degrees with a wind out of the northwest at eight miles per hour. Iowa is the favorite going into the game. The Hawks are 1-0 and the Cyclones are 0-1. Earlier on Friday in Marshalltown and State Center, members of the College Reserve Officers Training Corp passed through the communities with the actual game ball. This is done every year on a route between Ames and Iowa City. Locals had the chance to see the joggers as they passed through those two cities. This will be the first game for Coach, Matt Campbell at the helm of the Cyclones against the Hawkeyes.

Photo Credit: Iowa Corn Cy Hawk Series Facebook page