School board election results

Mike Miller, Karina Hernandez and incumbent Bea Niblock were elected to the Marshalltown School Board Tuesday. Miller picked up the most votes with 674, Hernandez was next in line with 607 and Niblock picked up 575. Ben Fletcher running unopposed was elected to an At Large seat on the school board picking up 747 votes. The turnout for the election in Marshall County turned out to be 6.43 percent which is pretty typical for school board elections according to the Marshall County Auditors office. Ann Jackson was elected to the GMG School Board, there was a tie though for second place between Patrick Cornwell and Randy Sienknecht, that matter will have to be settled at canvassing time by county officials. In the West Marshall School District, April Coulter, Sue Goodman and Jason Walker were elected to school board. There were 55 write in votes for a seat in district one of the East Marshall School District but no immediate indication of who was the winner. These are unofficial results and will be canvassed by county officials in a few days time.