KFJB Program Schedule



KFJB Morning Show with Kyle Martin

Every Monday through Friday, 6:00am – 9:00am



KFJB Weekday Programming:
5AM -6AM:    Wall Street Journal This Morning

6AM-9AM:     The KFJB Morning Show
                        with Kyle Martin

9AM-12PM:   Kilmeade and Friends
12PM-1PM:   The KFJB Noon Update

1PM-2PM:     Clark Howard         
2PM-5PM:     Sean Hannity          

5PM-6PM:     Clark Howard

6PM-9PM:      Yahoo! Sporting Radio Gamecast

9PM-1AM:      Yahoo! Sporting Radio with Todd Right

1AM -5AM:    Yahoo! Sporting Radio with John Harris


*Mondays during Football Season CYDLINE SHOW will air 6:30PM-8PM

*Wednesdays during Football Season  HAWK TALK will air 7PM-8:30PM


KFJB Saturday Programming:
1AM-5AM:       Yahoo! Sporting Radio with Josh Goch
8AM-8:45AM:  Coaches Show (during season)
9AM-10AM:     The Wine Crush

10AM-12PM:   On The House with the Carey Brothers
12PM-6PM:     Sports Saturday With 

                        Bob BergerCraig Shermon
6PM-10PM:     YSR Postgame With Peter Brown
10PM-3AM:     Last Call with Scott Jackson


KFJB Sunday Programming:

3AM-7AM                 Yahoo! Sporting Radio with John Harris

7AM-8:30AM          Yahoo! Sporting Radio with Terry Ford

8:30AM-9AM          The Lutheran Hour                                  

9AM-9:15AM          Salvation Army

9:15AM-10AM       FBC Church Services

10:05A-10:30A       Day One

10:30A-11:15A       Elim Lutheran Church

11:15AM-12P         Yahoo! Sporting Radio
12PM-6PM              Yahoo! Sporting Radio with 
                                    Bob BergerCraig Shermon


6PM-10PM              YSR Postgame With Peter Brown
10PM-1AM              Last Call with Scott Jackson