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123 W Main St
Marshalltown, IA


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Office Phone- 641-753-3361  •  Studio Phone- 641-752-5352  •  Fax- 641-752-7201


    1. Ashley Anderson

      I’m so sorry for any technical issues yesterday. If you happen to ever notice this don’t hesitate to contact us at the office – 641-753-3361. We can get checking into it right away. Thanks for listening.

  1. Brian and Kayla Danielson

    My husband and I would like an announcement to go out on the radio if possible and I was unable to get through the phones yesterday. His office was damaged in the tornado.
    Press Release:
    Hinshaw, Danielson, Marquess Law Firm is operating off site due to the tornado damage. Please call our office number 641-753-6659 for assistance.

    1. Ashley Anderson

      Very sorry. As most know Marshalltown, IA was hit by a tornado & our station took a direct hit. We lost all of our satellite dishes in the tornado. We are live during the morning show but other than that we are simulcasting with our sister station KIX 101.1 until our new satellite dish gets here. We hope to have it installed by next week but things are not guaranteed. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


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