Monday 19th October 2020

The first half of the Sweet 16 begins tonight with semi-final action in the West and South Regionals.

If you believe in omens, then consider this; three of the sweet sixteen encounterd travel problems yesterday;

Loyola  got lost on their way to Atlanta’s Philips Arena to practice for Thursday’s Sweet 16 matchup with Nevada.

“In terms of getting to the arena, we were supposed to get an escort, we didn’t, and no one knew how to get here,” Loyola coach Porter Moser told reporters. “Our bus driver didn’t know and it took us 35, 40 minutes to get here.”

As for Villanova, apparently the team wasn’t alerted of the massive snow storm engulfing the East Coast ahead of its trip from Philadelphia to Boston to play West Virginia on Friday. The Wildcats bus got stuck oin the snow as the team tried to leave for Boston.

Then there’s Gonzaga, which was late for media obligations at L.A.’s Staples Center ahead of its Thursday matchup against Florida State. Seems the bus had a flats tire.

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