Sunday 9th August 2020

The beaches at one state recreation area and seven state parks currently have “swimming not recommended” advisories from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. D-N-R environmental specialist Daniel Kendall says that’s about typical for this time of the year, and down one beach from last week. “As these numbers come up, the risk of potentially getting sick come up, and that’s why we have swimming not recommended, we don’t close the beach based on this,” Kendall explains. All of the recommendations are based on the presence of a particular E-coli bacteria, which Kendall says doesn’t directly make people sick. But it can be an indicator of the presence of other harmful pathogens. “If you’re immune-compromised or get sick easily it might be something to definitely heed,” he says.

Kendall says rain often flushes the pathogens into beaches so it’s also a good idea to wait a few days after rainfall before swimming.

Beaches with DNR “Swimming Not Recommended” Advisories

Emerson Bay State Recreation Area

McItosh Woods State Park

George Wyth Memorial State Park

Denison Beach at Black Hawk State Park

Backbone State Park

Lake Darling State Park

Lake Keomah State Park

Nine Eagles State Park

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