Wednesday 21st February 2024

Heather Thomas director of Public Works Department in Marshalltown gave an update about the Center Street Viaduct project.  The Union Pacific Railroad gave their approval for the project earlier this month.  There was a recent attempt to procure materials that was unsuccessful.

Because of this shortfall, Heather presented a few different options to the Council.  First option is to go ahead as planned but delayed until 2024 due to materials, second and third option would be to cut down on the project to save some money and still delay until 2024.  The fourth option is to wait longer, possibly 2025, and see if we can find additional funding.  This lead to Councilor Gary Thompson to ask a question

Heather responded with a few concerns about that project.  One of the main ones is if we demo the viaduct we would need to get Union Pacific approval for a new one, which could be a challenge.  Councilor Gabe Isom was also against removing the viaduct completely.  The Council will discuss further options next week at a Budget Meeting on the 30th.

Zach Tomesch, News Director KFJB