Stansberry enters a guilty plea, steps down from School Board

According to Iowa on line court records, Former Marshalltown Assistant County Attorney Ben Stansberry changed his plea on theft and trespassing charges from not guilty to guilty and also has resigned from the Marshalltown School Board. Stansberry was recently arrested by the the Marshalltown Police Department. The case involved the theft of an undergarment from the residence of a co worker. Stansberry originally entered a plea of not guilty. He stepped down from his position as Assistant County Attorney a few days after the arrest. Word of his resignation was received on Friday according to a release from the Marshalltown School District. In a letter of resignation Stansberry said his recent conduct was not becoming to the standards expected of one who would serve the Marshalltown School and he did not want to  be a distraction by continuing to serve. School Board is expected to accept the resignation as they meet Monday afternoon. As of Saturday Stansberry`s picture had been removed from the school districts web page.