Friday 4th December 2020

Present Marshall County Sheriff, Ted Kamatchus was defeated for the Republican nomination for the Board of Supervisor race for Marshall County on Tuesday by challenger Steve Salasek, who won the right to face Democrat Jon Muller in November. Muller, running unopposed, picked up 904 votes. Salasek, in the only contested race of consequence impacting all of Marshall County, picked up 721 votes to 671 for Kamatchus. In the race on the Democratic side:  for U.S. Senate and the right to go up against longtime Republican incumbent Charles Grassley, Patty Judge won in Marshall County as she did on a statewide basis picking  up 571 votes here to 366 for the nearest contender Robert Hogg. It was a close race here on the Democratic side for U.S. House District One, as Pat Murphy picked up 514 votes to 507 for Monica Vernon. Vernon won on a state-wide basis and faces Republican incumbent Rod Blum in November. There was one other race of interest that was contested in Marshall County, on the Democratic Side for Iowa House District 72, Nathan Wrage picked up 205 votes to 65 for John Anderson in a race in which just eight precincts in Marshall County voted upon. Wrage will face incumbent Republican Dean Fisher of rural Garwin who picked up 419  votes running unopposed. The General Election is Tuesday, November 8. The turnout in 19 precincts in Marshall County on Primary Election day was 2,533 votes out of an electorate of 25,764, amounting to 9.83%.

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