Saturday 25th May 2024

Back in 1962, President Kennedy signed the decree making May 15th National Police Officer Day.  We heard from Marshall County Sheriff Joel Phillips earlier this week on what this day and week means to police officers.  Now lets hear from a 30+ year veteran, Police Chief Mike Tupper.

May 15th, National Police Officer Day, is the day where we remember all of the fallen officers in the previous year. 282 officers died in the line of service in 2023, so far in 2024 56 officers have fallen.

The last police officer killed in the line of duty for the Marshalltown Police Department was Glen R Crouse back in 1954.  He was in pursuit of a reckless driver and hit at the corner of Highway 330 and Beer Garden Road.

If you see a police officer, sheriff deputy, 911 dispatch operator, or anyone part of the law enforcement team, thank them this week for serving our community.


Zach Tomesch, News Director KFJB

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