Saturday 25th May 2024

Welcome to the Advertising PayNow portal! To pay your invoice electronically please click the link below.

If you are NEW to the advertising PayNow portal, find out more about paying your invoice or getting your invoices sent to you electronically, by reading the information below.

Invoices from Trending Media can be sent electronically! They can arrive via email notification and appear in the format below. You can have the ability to view and/or download the electronic invoice directly from this notification.

Did you know you can view, download and pay your invoices online?

Trending Media is pleased to give our advertisers a convenient way to pay invoices. Simply login to The Advertising Portal ( then choose the PayNow tab to pay your invoices using a credit card. To view or download your invoices, select the eInvoices tab.

If you currently do not have login credentials to the Advertising Portal you can request your credentials by emailing Please be sure to include your name, company name and address.

If you have forgotten your login credentials go to click on Advertiser/Agency Login and then click Forgot Password enter your User Name and then click Reset Password. If you have forgotten your User Name email please be sure to include your name, company name and address.

If you have any questions please contact Patty Wickam at 641-753-3361 or